You will have a great time at Castlerigg!

As well as making new friends, strengthening old ones, you will have space, freedom and time for yourself.

What will I be doing?

The timetable varies depending on week or weekend but you can expect to:

  • spend time with friends
  • group discussion
  • fun and games
  • time for prayer 
  • craft 
  • simulation games
  • walks in the afternoon
  • social time

........   put it all together and that's what makes it more than just a list! Its a Castlerigg Experience, which you have to come to to understand!

What to bring

Wondering what to pack? Here's a few ideas

  • Warm clothes

  • a spare pair of shoes

  • thick socks 

  • night clothes

  • towel

  • underwear

  • toiletries

  • jeans / trousers

  • joggers for walking in - jeans get wet in the rain when you are walking

  • toothbrush

  • small bag to carry your water when walking

  • spending money - not too much!

  • something for the final evening- check with your group leader

What's the place like?

Yes, we serve chips!

Yes, we serve chips!