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Please read our PHOTO POLICY & GUIDELINES before agreeing to these below.

The information you provide on this form, including medical information, will be held by Lancaster Diocese Youth Service and will be shared with our tour operator, Mancunia Travel Ltd., and the organising committee and medical team of the Diocese of Lancaster Lourdes Pilgrimage. This information will be used to assist in planning and organising the pilgrimage and to ensure that we are able to provide appropriate care where required.


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Please ensure that you are in possession of an EHIC for travel in Europe. EHIC is free and can be obtained from www.ehic, (Please note that EHIC is not a substitute for travel insurance)
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Please give details of all medical conditions to ensure that we are able to provide appropriate care whilst in Lourdes. Please let us know if these details change before we travel to Lourdes.
Please give details of all medication you are taking. Whilst in Lourdes you will be responsible for your own medication unless you or your parent or guardian requests otherwise.
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Please provide details of someone we should contact in the event of an emergency whilst we are abroad. For under 18s this should normally be your parent or guardian
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