I am Cleophas Tukamarwa and I am from Uganda.  This is my first time in UK and it is an amazing experience and great opportunity given to me by Castlerigg Youth Centre.  I am a very keen footballer and I also love music, Teaching and dance, I feel both these activities unite people no matter what part of the world they come from.  Life is all about turning opportunities into strengths so that you can do the best with what life has to offer.

In Uganda I had a difficult childhood but God had a plan for me. With his blessings I received a good education and went to University and now I have experience as a journalist and radio presenter.  I have come to Castlerigg to learn to grow in my faith and also to learn to share with other people my life experiences and to listen to other people’s life experiences so that maybe together we can share our strengths and weaknesses and both gain from each other.  I have learnt that Castlerigg is a place where you can make new friends, have fun, learn to grow in faith and benefit from.

To me Castlerigg is a stepping stone on life's journey and something that should not be missed. I have been very impressed with my new surroundings.  They are so beautiful and it is so good to be outdoors and experiencing what nature has to offer. I thought I would be homesick for Uganda but the scenery is very similar to Western Uganda.  The only difference is the weather.