The difference a Retreat makes

A retreat at Castlerigg offers something that ‘young people will not get from anywhere else. It is life changing for some of the pupils, particularly at this stage of life as they begin to make life choices. You can’t buy and can’t teach what they receive here on a spiritual level and on a confidence level

— Janet Tucker, Head of College,

Ofsted expects schools to promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of students. The Catholic Church has always emphasised this.

Teaching is a vocation and is the development of the whole person. We can teach the facts about faith, moral and social development, however these have to be LIVED realities. LIVED experiences.

A retreat at Castlerigg Manor will provide this LIVED experience. Translating the theory into a reality in the lives of our young people. 

OFSTED's aspects of Spiritual development:

OFSTED Criteria - How we meet these in our retreat program

Changing lives one individual at a time

Changing lives one individual at a time

  • Beliefs
    • Our team testimonies and  authentic witness to a life of faith inspire and encourage   
  • A sense of awe, wonder and mystery
    • Based in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, the creation of the Lake District
  • Experiencing feelings of transcendence
    • The times of prayer and reflection in our Chapel are one of the most memorable experiences

  • Search for meaning and purpose
    • Our core message is Meaning and Purpose for this Generation, we seek to help them discover this
  • Self-knowledge
    • Activities throughout the retreat encourage young people to stop, consider, look and share in their lives
  • Relationships
    • Personal friendships are consolidated during the residential, year groups are strengthened 
  • Creativity
    • The variety of our creative activites and workshops offers something for all students
  • Feelings and emotions
    • Honesty is encouraged within a safe environment. We balance this with a hope filled faith-based outlook
We come every academic year at this time with Year 11. Some people question why at such an important time in their school life?
We can’t emphasis enough the positive impact the retreat has upon our students when they’re faced with exams, revision, coursework, peer pressure, and social media. They come back into school with a sense of purpose.
They’ve been given time to reflect on their own “journey of faith”.Now they know they’re not alone, their troubles are not just their own!”
— Mr Dylan Green, Head of Year 11