Lourdes 2015

Dear Pilgrims,


I hope you are all ready for Lourdes. The weather forecast looks pretty good – plenty of sunshine, but also some cooler drizzly weather to remind us of England, so please come prepared for all eventualities.


Just to give you our emergency contact numbers. Please pass these onto your parents or guardians should they need to contact us whilst we are away:


Ruth Corless      07777 646 678

Fr Philip               07432 508 833


Also, if you are travelling on the coach, don’t forget to keep your passport out in your hand luggage, and bring with you packed lunch and some money to buy an evening meal at the service station or on the ferry. Cereal bars, snacks and fruit are good, cartons of Ribena, chocolate for Fr Phil, etc


Coach people, see you Thursday morning. Flight people see you on Friday.


See you very soon,




Your copy of the itinerary  click  here ----->

Hopefully you have a bit more freedom now exams are over. We are counting the days to Lourdes now and will see you this Saturday at the Cathedral in Lancaster for our Mass – 2:00 pm for 2:30 pm (with refreshments afterwards).

There are always things to be thinking about this close so I thought I would list things you definitely need to have done:

1)      European Health Card – I have sent you the link. You would have to apply today if you haven’t got it.

2)      Sun hat – I am told it is BOILING over in France and that means serious risk of too much sun. Everyone will be wearing a hat – if you want one of my hats, then please feel free to ask!

3)      Sun cream – “I will be alright” when it comes to NOT wearing sun cream doesn’t work. Everyone will have to have sun cream on because last year people were really hurt. Sitting in the shade does not protect you. Sun cream does – and lots of it. If you are hypo allergic make sure you have your own with you.

4)      Travel arrangements pickups – the Itinerary is above on the website pickups for the coach on Thursday 23rd July.:

a.       Castlerigg 7:30 a.m.  depart

b.      Lancaster Holiday Inn – Junction 36 M6  - depart 9:00 a.m.

c.       Preston Phantom Winger pub Junction 32 M6  9:45 a.m. depart

5)      Flight – I will ring to check you have all the details

6)      Games – what are you going to bring to help socialise with pilgrims? Fr.  Phil is bringing a pack of cards.

7)      Musical instruments- Lauren will email everyone who has confirmed they are bringing an instrument. If you told me before please EMAIL ME AGAIN to make sure your name is on the list and what instrument you are taking.

8)      Insurance – you should have the forms or check the website.

Here are your insurance documents  Document 1  ; Document 2; Document 3   Anyone who attended the last meeting would have got one of these. 

Kit list

You have your booklet with kitlist and info in them


Flight time

Tickets arriving to you for Liverpool on Friday  24th July. Meeting Kate Shirra at the Airport. Tickets will be issued closer to the time once you have paid in full. Meeting and gathering information will be sent to you. 


All payments are due to TANGNEY by the end of June at the latest. Individual invoices are sent directly to you and you need to send the money to TANGNEY. Any delay may result in tickets not being issued, so please keep up to date with payments or let the Youth Service know if you have difficulties.

We hope you are looking forward to your pilgrimage and everyone here wishes you a fantastic time in Lourdes. 

July 5
August 3
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