Being a Young Catholic Today – My World Youth Day experience

The ten days we spent in Kraków for World Youth Day was an amazing experience that I will never forget. It was incredible to be surrounded by other young people who were so different to ourselves in terms of culture, appearance, language yet we all had one key thing in common which had brought us together; our faith. The atmosphere at the events was indescribable when there were 3 million people from 187 countries all united in prayer and showing love for God. It doesn't seem possible until you experience it for yourself and I feel so privileged and thankful to have got the opportunity to do so.

It was quite moving how well everyone got on. Everyone was high-fiving and saying hello to people from different countries in the streets. We sung on trams, danced in fields, joined congas, took photos, played cards and swapped things with people who we'd never met before. I couldn't help but think how much happier the world would be if life was always like this.

Being a young Catholic in a society where people are so conscious of what other people think of them is something I sometimes struggle with but celebrating mass with the Pope and seeing so many other people my age who share my belief in God has made my faith a lot stronger and being able to share it with friends (both new and old) has given me so much joy.

Hannah, 17, Barrow-in-Furness