I won’t be the first person to say that being a young Catholic today can be really hard, you can find yourself living two separate lives. You have a home life where you can go to mass and talk about your faith, and there is another life at school or college where society can be so different from what you believe that you don’t really want to stand out. In your “other” life you can feel like you’re completely on your own but you don’t have to be. The best part of being a young Catholic is that you’re not alone; there are so many other people your age who share the same excitement for their faith as you do. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to go to Youth 2000 in Walsingham this year where for the first time I realised that my faith is the most exciting adventure I can imagine and there are so many people around me who I can share it with. Most people who know me know that I wouldn’t be the first person to introduce myself in a group or to share my thoughts with other people but when you are surrounded by people who are overflowing with energy and love for God it’s impossible not to join in. Basically what I’m trying to say is don’t be a young Catholic by yourself because it is too easy for you faith to be smothered by the things that are going on around you. Find a friend to go to mass with at college or someone you can talk to on the bus about your struggles. Get involved as much as you can because then instead of having two separate lives you can have one amazing life in Christ.