This year, more clearly than ever before in my life, I have come to recognize the unlimited power and love of God, from whom all goodness flows and in whom we can and must place our complete trust. Despite having had a very blessed Catholic upbringing and having had much support and involvement in the diocese and diocesan events and pilgrimages since the age of 15, with a family and a job I loved very much, I still felt there was something missing in my life and that the Lord was calling me to a deeper relationship with Him and that any concerns I had about leaving my former life He would sort Himself if only I would heed His call and make Him my centre. Therefore at the beginning of this year I visited, and shortly after, joined, a Catholic Community in Scotland called the Craig Lodge Community. And I can quite honestly say, in my eyes, it has been the best, most fruitful ‘Yes’ I have ever made. Through living the community life, based on prayer, service and evangelisation, in response to Our Lady’s call to holiness at Medjugorje, along with other young people who have also taken this year out and the families in the community, God has opened my eyes to what is truly important in life and what is merely distraction. And He has shown me how even with the most tentative of Yes’s to Him He can transform our lives and turn everything to good, even those things in our lives we once thought impossible. Through this time of healing and transformation I have not only been given the grace to deepen my relationship and understanding of who God is but also to gain a clearer understanding of who I am and what God is asking of me in my life and of the gifts and the graces He is giving each and every one of us every day to enable us to carry out His will and to live a truly happy and fulfilled life.