My faith is part of who I am

Being a young Catholic today is hard but I absolutely love it! My faith is a part of who I am; it defines my personality and it sets me apart from other people of my age. I could not get through a day without Jesus! I believe He is always there, helping me and guiding me in even the smallest choices that I have to make. It hurts me when I see young people who are going in the wrong direction in life and people who have not accepted God’s love in their lives. As a Catholic, I believe it is my duty to help these people even if they are not always willing to listen! At school, I am surrounded by young people who try to convince me that God does not exist. This is one of the challenges of being a young Catholic, especially in today’s society where many people are openly atheist. However, I love it when I am faced with situations like this because it gives me a chance to speak out about my faith. I have always thought that I am one of the very few young Catholics in my area but this year, after going to Castlerigg Manor a couple of times and to Lourdes with the Diocese, I have realised that I am not alone. I have met so many young Catholics; we understand each other and we can share our experiences of being a Catholic in today’s society. The pilgrimage to Lourdes in July was an amazing experience that I will
never forget! It has definitely helped my faith to grow and Our Lady has given me people who I can look to, in the future, if I ever struggle with my faith. Overall being a young Catholic is incredible! Although I face challenges, I know I will always get through them with the help of God. My faith has become a huge part of my life and I am never going to give it up!