Being a Young Catholic Today... These words were not something you heard on my recent holiday to Malia this summer, and it is something that I found very difficult to be. My friend and I decided that we would go on a holiday together to relax and spend some time together before we both headed off to different universities. So we went into Thomas Cook, where we said we were looking for a relaxing holiday, near the beach where there would be lots of young people and a good night life. So it was recommended that we go to Malia in Crete with Thomas Cook’s Club 18-30. When I told some of my friends and family where I was going, the general response was “You’re going with 18-30s?” in a shocked tone. I had never heard of ‘Club 18-30’ before and was confused by many people’s response. However as soon as we arrived in Malia it was soon revealed to me. We arrived off the aeroplane and were greeted by a Thomas Cook representative and put on a coach to our hotel, we were staying in a Club 18-30s hotel so our coach was entirely young people, and the first thing we heard was that everybody has sex in Malia; me and my friend were shocked and very worried about what we had signed up for. Upon arrival at the hotel, the conversation stayed on the same topic and we were introduced to Club 18-30 activities and we signed up to go to a beach party and a boat party and were looking forward to them. The two activities were based on getting very drunk, sex, and playing vile games, where making people sick was “good humoured fun”. At night time the attitude of the people in the clubs was that people came to Malia with one thing in mind – they wanted sex – and “No” was not an answer that they appreciated nor heard very often. The responses I got when I said this were a real shock to me and really disappointing, “Why would you come to Malia if you don’t want to have sex?” “Nobody has said No to me all week!” “Everybody bangs in Malia.” I was disappointed that I had gone on holiday to have a good time with my friend, but everyone expects something from you and it was not possible to be left alone to enjoy your night. I’m so glad that the holiday fell when it did, just two days after my return from World Youth Day in Madrid, which was an amazing experience for me and really set me firm in my faith. I feel that had it not, the holiday and the small word “No” would have been a much bigger challenge for me.