Most people coming to Flame with Lancaster Diocese will be joining as part of a school or parish group. If your school or parish aren’t coming with us, complete the form below to book as an individual.


By booking to come to Flame with Lancaster Diocese Youth Service you agree to behave as directed by the leaders of this event.

  • Energy drinks, stimulants and alcohol are not permitted on this trip.

  • Young people are responsible for their own medication unless their parent(s) request otherwise, and should bring anything they are likely to need on the day, including inhalers, travel-sickness pills or painkillers. They must not pass these to others on the trip.

  • Participants should behave responsibly at all times and raise any concerns with the leaders

Travel to and from Wembley Arena and admission into the event are included in the price. You will be notified of pick-up locations (in the diocese) in due course.

Food and drink are not provided - participants should bring their own or plan to buy these at outlets on the journey or at the venue.

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Photo Policy
Lancaster Diocese Youth Service will take photographs and videos of the event for use on social media, our website, the diocesan newspaper, and elsewhere to promote our work. If you wish not be included in these photos please let us know. (We cannot take any responsibility for photographs taken by other participants at Flame, event organisers or other members of the public.)
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