One of the many many positive memories that I have of my school retreats from Our Lady's Lancaster to Castlerigg, was on one of the hikes that we went on over the hills. It was a cold day when we set out, but we soon warmed up & ended up with our jumpers round our waists. However, at the top of a deep ravine, my jumper became undone & tumbled down the very very steep hillside. I was upset (my older sister had spent many hours whilst away at University knitting this beautiful cable knit sweater for me) but resigned to it's loss. However, the young school chaplain who was with us, a certain Father Paul Swarbrick, insisted on heroically climbing down the ravine to retrieve it for me. His reasoning being 'there was far too much love and hard work put into that to leave it'. This, I maintain, was a real indicator of the character and values of the man who would go onto become Bishop of Lancaster!