Wondering what to pack?

Here’s a few ideas!

  • Warm clothes
  • A spare pair of shoes                                                     
  • Thick socks
  • Night clothes
  • Towel
  • Underwear
  • Toiletries
  • Jeans/trousers
  • Joggers for walking in (jeans get wet in the rain when you’re walking)
  • Toothbrush & toothpaste
  • Small bag to carry your water when walking
  • Spending money - not too much!
  • Something for the final evening — check with your group leader

Free walking boots and cagoule hire!

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Challenging yourself to our Big Walk event?

Here’s what you’ll need!

Please make sure you have everything on this list — you won’t be able to go up the mountains without them! Weather in the Fells is extremely changeable so we need to be prepared for all occasions.  

You’ll need two bags:

  • a day pack to walk with and
  • an overnight bag (of limited size) which will be dropped off ahead by car. 

Walking bag:

  • Walking boots or sturdy walking shoes, not trainers.  If you don’t have boots, let us know and we can loan you a pair from Castlerigg. 
  • 2 x pairs walking socks (knit-loop socks reduce friction on the foot, lessening the chance of blisters.)
  • Light waterproof jacket and waterproof trousers.
  • Hat (sun hat and woolly hat) and gloves.
  • Water container (at least 1 litre). This is for water only.
  • Walking trousers (not jeans or joggers.) Cotton trousers are best as they dry out more quickly if they get wet.  Jeans and joggers absorb rain and will make you feel cold.
  • Suitable base layer e.g. breathable T-shirts
  • A few warm layers.  We suggest a thin fleece and a thick fleece.
  • Black bin liner or some plastic bags to keep spare clothes dry in your day pack.
  • Some emergency high calorie food (e.g. Mars Bars/Kendal Mint Cake etc).
  • Suncream

Overnight bag:

(You won’t have to carry these as they’ll be taken to the next stop by car. Please keep to a minimal as there will be limited space in the cars.)

  • Sleeping bag and pillow
  • Towel
  • Toiletries
  • Dry clothing to wear in the evening
  • Comfortable shoes

Please think carefully about whether or not you need to bring items such as mobile phones and MP3 players as this is a great opportunity to get away from any distractions. However if you do feel it is necessary please be aware that we cannot be responsible for loss or damage and there is limited phone signal on the walk.


Please bring any regular medication you need and remember to pack items such as inhalers in your day pack for when walking.  You will be responsible for your medication unless you request otherwise.