On Friday 13 November, we met the lower grammar group from Stonyhurst College at Waddow Hall to share in their three day mission called “Let Your Light Shine”.  We started the day with a little obstacle course, thinking about what blinds us and about the burdens we carry. Misha and Bridget performed a little skit to teach the young people about God’s love and care for us, even if we fail to recognise it at times. We moved on to look at what is important to us and what might hold us back in our journey of faith. Then Bridget taught the young people how to paint glass jars, which they really enjoyed. They thought about the people and experiences that have shown God’s light to them and about how they can let their light shine, painting these onto their jars. The group then had some time for quiet prayer and reflection, during which they also had the opportunity to celebrate the sacrament of reconciliation. We closed the day together with a prayer during which we lit a tea light candle inside all the glass jars we painted earlier, because it doesn’t matter what gifts or talents we have if we don’t let our light shine. We watched the fireworks in the evening and the mission ended with Mass on Saturday morning.

“Dear God, we ask You to show us how to shine our light to people who around us. Give us courage to be Your ambassadors and Your true disciples. Guide us and help us because we need it. We thank You for the gift of Your mercy and forgiveness and we know that You will never judge us or abandon us even when we done something wrong. Be the centre of our lives and be the light that ignites our hearts!”

(From Misha’s prayer to close the day.)