The Youth Service was invited once again to attend the Appleby Horse Fair. The Fair gathers Travellers from far and wide, forty thousand of them, and has been running each year for the past 400 years on a site just outside the town. The Fair is a fantastic experience with lots of hustle and bustle, different stalls, horses charging up and down the high street, and lots and lots of people. It is a celebration of Travellers culture, but what has seemed to be inconspicuous was a place to celebrate the faith which is so dear to so many Travellers – that is until a few Traveller women themselves acted upon an inspiration of the Holy Spirit to set up a tent of adoration in the midst of all the festivity. With great courage this dedicated group have set up a tent and made it a centre of evangelisation, offering welcome, hospitality, the opportunity to celebrate the sacraments and sing praise and worship. This year, the tent was pitched at the crossroads of the whole festival, a prime position, and Fr Alex from the local parish offered Mass and baptised, confirmed and celebrated first communions for many of the children, the girls all dressed immaculately in beautiful white dresses and the boys in pressed shirts and ties. After the Sunday celebration, there was a Corpus Christi around the whole site. It was as if Jesus had pitched his tent amongst his people, and now he walked amongst them. Wherever the Eucharist went, people were respectful, stopping and watching intently, turning down their music, making the sign of cross and even falling to their knees. A beautiful sense of peace accompanied the Lord wherever he went, as those followed sung the Divine Mercy chaplet with great joy and love in their hearts.