My name is Tilly and I’m a volunteer here at Castlerigg Manor, I’ve been here for almost 2 years and have loved my time here. When I was younger and heard the word ‘volunteer’ I just thought of the little old lady in the shop down the road raising money for charity, little did I know that was just one example of a volunteer.  In my role here I run sessions for hundreds of young people over the months, I help them to grow in their faith and the fact I’ve chosen to do this voluntarily gives me great joy knowing that I don’t really get anything back in return apart from the young people and the people I meet showing me their gratitude through their words or comments on our social media sites! As well as being with the young people, being a volunteer has helped me grow in myself by becoming more selfless and being able to do things not just for myself but for the love of others around me in my everyday work.