Last Easter, young people from across the diocese gathered at Castlerigg to celebrate this great feast day. Jenny writes, ‘Easter means a journey of sadness through to the joyous celebration of Jesus' Resurrection. I experienced this personally. On this retreat I re-discovered my happiness for the first time in a long time, due to the excellent advice from the priest, and now I am feeling cleansed from sin, blessed and the happiest I have been for a while. I loved making the three crosses to symbolise Jesus and the two thieves but I also loved the feeling of recollection between all of us on retreat throughout Holy Week. I met with some old friends and with some new friends and celebrated the rising of Jesus once again with my Catholic family whom I love more than any. I loved how the weather reflected the mood of each day and how we gathered together with members of Keswick parish for the Good Friday Service and Holy Saturday Vigil. Thank you to all the team and everyone on retreat for making me an overall happier person!’

The 2016 Easter retreat will run from 24-27 March – all young people aged year 9+ would be very welcome. The cost for the weekend is £70 – this includes all food, accommodation and activities. 

For any further information please call: 01768772711

Jenny, 15, Lancaster