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Lent and Easter are busy times in any school. There are mock exams, making sure everything has been covered on the syllabus before the real exams, and everything else that gets crammed into a school day. 

Whilst all of this is very important - it's also important to stop, take time out and reflect. That's exactly what we tried to encourage at St. Benedict's school in Whitehaven this past term. We thought a little deeper about Lent and Easter, by stopping and taking a moment to reflect. Students led assemblies at the beginning of Lent to encourage us to think about what we can do to grow closer to God, and learn more about Jesus during Lent. Some of our year 10 students took that message on board, and led a retreat day for year 3 and year 6 of Saint Begh's primary school, thinking about the different events of Holy Week.

When Holy Week arrived the school chapel was set up with prayer stations. These consisted of many different types of prayer, to explore all the different things happening during Easter. Every student in year 7 had the chance to reflect during an hour spent in the chapel, and had the opportunity to be with God, learning exactly what He has done for each of us. 

Richard – Lay Chaplain at St. Benedict’s, Whitehaven