As many of you may remember, Bosco sadly left the Manor in August last year, to move down to his new job in Lancaster with Fr Phil. We are missing him here at Castlerigg, but Bosco has kept us updated on all his new adventures in Lancashire.

I am enjoying living in a parish very much. There are always lots of things going on – different masses and services, lots of visitors, and plenty of people to play football with. Fr Phil and I live in a big house, not quite as big as the Manor, but still big enough for me to run around in and have fun. Occasionally I sneak onto the comfy chair in the living room when Fr Phil is not looking, but he always catches me out!

Every day is different, and I am enjoying going to lots of places around Lancaster. There are some beautiful walks near to our new house, so I have enjoyed going out and exploring. I recently found some new lambs – I would have liked a closer look at them, but they were in a little barn. It was still nice to have a look at them though. I also help out at the university sometimes – the students love me!

It has been hard to leave the Lake District, I loved being able to go out in the hills and to the lake. Me and my Dad (Fr Phil) sometimes come up on day trips to visit the lakes, when we have a day off from our work in Lancaster. We came up to the mountains when it was snowing, and it was so much fun to run around in the snow! Hopefully we will come up and visit again soon, now that summer is coming – I love to swim in the lake!

I’ve got a few photos to share with you all – hope you like them!