Love is in the air. Valentine's Day tomorrow. But, what is love? What is this restlessness in our hearts, this desire to share our lives with others, to give ourselves to others? There are many things that masquerade as love but are far from it. Fr Phil has just been up to Scotland giving talks at the university of St Andrews on St John Paul II's Theology of the Body, life-changing teaching on the meaning and purpose of love. Alot of the teaching has been made more accessible by writers such as Christopher West and also websites such as The Gospel has alot more to say about sex, marriage and relationships than many people think, and, contrary to the media's perception, actually presents us with a way that is Good News, a way that brings freedom, and a way that opens up the meaning of true love, and redemption when things go wrong. In the face of blatant exaltation of violent and abusive relationships portrayed in books and films such as Fifty Shades of Grey, all of us need to safeguard the truth and purity of love by the way we live our lives, inform our consciences and choose a life of virtue. The definition of love is at stake.

There's a fantastic blog on this matter from a young person from our diocese, sassycatholic. Read here on Fifty Shades of Not OK , and if you are interested with the latest reflection, read this.