“Hospitality requires not grand gestures, but open hearts”- Radical Hospitality, St. Benedict’s Way of Love

The art of radical hospitality requires very little. Humility, Love and Availability.  When we lean into these three things our lives will naturally be at service to all those we encounter. Christ calls us to humbly serve Him through our hospitable posture, we must greet each other as if we are welcoming Christ Himself into our homes.

Last week our dear Sisters, Sr Sheinrose and Sr Maria Dee, renewed their vows in front of a small group of us at Mass. They took great care and time in preparing for the humble celebration, but they still found time to witness radical hospitality to myself and Ella (Volunteer) in so many ways, and its these small acts of love that I’d like to share with you all.

In order to transport the Castlerigg community to Windermere for the Mass two of us had to catch a very early bus to the sisters’ home. When we arrived we were greeted at the bus stop by Sr Sheinrose and she walked us the few metres to the little home. Act of love No. 1

Welcome Board.jpg

When we entered the house we could hear St Maria Dee busy in the kitchen preparing breakfast. I had not expected this as it was so early and they would have been very busy preparing for their special day. I took my boots off and left them by the door, Sr Sheinrose immediately rushed to the cupboard where she pulled out some slippers for me to wear! She was worried I’d be cold.  Act of love No. 2



Sr Maria Dee appeared and we were ushered into their dining room, we found a beautifully prepared table with wonderful food. I was really over whelmed with the sheer thought, love and care that had gone into them welcoming us into their home.  Act of love No. 3

Breakfast Table.jpg

After being well fed and looked after all four of us piled into a taxi to take us to the Church, where the Sisters’ took to busying themselves with the final touches for the mass. The rest of the Castlerigg community arrived and we prayed the rosary in preparation of the mass. It was during the mass that the sisters witnessed to us the greatest act of love. The renewing of their vows. They invited us to celebrate the wonder of Christs love in the Eucharist and allowed us to witness their affirming of vows. Act of love No. 4


The sisters’ have served as a great reminder that all we have is to be shared, and all that we do should be an open invitation to all. Our faith isn’t a private or individual thing, it’s a gift that should be open and shared with all. Our lives and hearts should be open to all those we encounter to allow them to share Christs love that we as stewards of the faith have been gifted.

‘Your life is not personal property; you belong to God. We are simply stewards of what God has given us. We are to serve one another in love. Everyone is a guest – even those of us who live here. God is the host, but God also becomes the guest we receive in others.’ - Life Teen Rule of Life

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Keep the Faith,