On Sunday 29th April, the Catholics of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland formed a Human Rosary chain around the entire coast!

Over 400 locations were officially registered and an estimated 45,000 Catholics took their Rosaries in their hands to the coast to pray for Faith, Life and Peace!

The event brought together our Church in the UK, with Bishops, Priests, Religious, Laity and youth all praying as one at 3pm for Faith, Life and Peace.

I went home to Fleetwood where I worked with Canon Alf Hayes to get a team together to organise our rosary for the area. Someone opened their Chalet on the beach and provided hot drinks, someone else brought their Statue of Our Lady and others brought so much joy to the cold showery afternoon that it was.

I love my home town and I spend most of my time on the beach when I’m home just reflecting on life and appreciating the views looking across to Morecombe, Barrow and the Lake District hills. On this occasion it was a beautiful experience, firstly receiving a special Apostolic blessing from Pope Francis and knowing that St Wulstan’s and St Edmund’s Parish were  joined together with St Mary’s and even a couple from the Willows in Kirkham to pray our rosary led by some of the Parishioners including our young people, gazing across to the other parts of the Diocese but, also on a bigger scale joining in prayer around the country.

St George, Pray for us.

St David, Pray for us.

St Andrew, Pray for us.

St Patrick, Pray for us.

Patricia, Fleetwood & Castlerigg