Half Marathon 1.jpg

Earlier this month, the Keswick Half Marathon took place. Despite commitments earlier in the year, only three brave members of the Castlerigg team made it to the start line:  Fr John, Carrick, and myself. Even then, only two of us were running: Carrick was only there for starting the race with an air horn: an honour bestowed on few people.

It was a lovely day for a run, sunny but not too hot. The race started just outside Keswick, and took us all around Derwentwater: with a few steep climbs for good measure! In the early miles, I took the lead over Fr John, but the naivety of youth meant I pushed myself that bit too much on the early climbs, and hit the wall at the 9th mile: leaving Fr John to zoom past and cross the finish line with the satisfying time of 1h59m59s.

Our very own women of Jerusalem//Castlerigg were there to meet us at the finish line, with a beautiful handcrafted banner. The atmosphere was brilliant, especially at the Rugby club where the race finished. As each of us ran into the final straight, the announcer read our name over the microphone and a great cheer went up, to push us over the line! My dignity was saved by the fact that I still at least beat the bloke in the inflatable sumo suit, and got the respectable time of 2h10m.

After the run, we celebrated with a barbecue back at Castlerigg. We’ve given ourselves a bit of a break from running since, but I’m sure we’ll be back at it before long!

Harry Rawcliffe