Keswick does not know what has hit it! Over the past week and a half, 20 Franciscan Friars of the Renewal have been staying at Castlerigg, enjoying their own retreat. The friars all work in the most run-down estates in the East End of London, in Bradford, and in Derry and Limerick. Following the example of St Francis, the Franciscan friars live a life of poverty and simplicty, and work with many of those who are on the edge of society, bringing comfort, care and support to the most downtrodden. They spent a week in silence and in prayer, enjoying the peacefulness of the Lake District, the bright sunshine and the snow. Tourists were thrilled to see real friars wondering around the town, and some even had their photos taken outside Ye Olde Friars chocolate shop in town with them. Others commented with delight on having met real friars at Friars Crag. The friars brought a tangible sense of peace and joy to our house and we were blessed to be able to host them.