Last night thirty young people gathered at Castlerigg Manor for our monthly Follow meeting. We meet first Sunday of each month, enjoy lots of food, sing together, have fun, learn something new about our faith, and pray together in the chapel. This week we explored the meaning of love and the challenge of chastity. The night ended with a torchlit procession. Kyle from Workington explains, 'I find it fun making new friends and taking part in different types of worship.' Jenny from Cockermouth explained that Follow is 'Church in words we understand. It's nice to be around people our age with the same beliefs; something that's quite uncommon sadly nowadays. And the food is good as well!' Shania added, ' I like the atmosphere, and seeing the people that go. It's really nice and encouraging to be around young Catholics as I'm the only one who goes to my church every week.' Why don't you come to the next one, Sunday 1 March?