Hello, my name is Patricia, I come from Fleetwood near Blackpool.
I have an amazing large family and I love them so much- Mum and Dad, I have 3 brothers, 2 sisters, lots of little nephews and nieces. All my family mean a lot to me and also extended family around the Diocese.
I went to Cardinal Allen High school and after school I went and studied child care at Blackpool Fylde College and British Sign Language, I am currently studying at Uni. I enjoy spending time at the beach and in the mountains with family and friends.
I love all music, I love being creative drawing and painting. I came to Castlerigg Manor when I was younger on family holidays but also with school it has made a big impact in my life. It’s a great place! I really enjoy working here, and getting to know people, it has helped me grow in confidence and recognise who I am. Throughout my time here at Castlerigg Manor I have been to Lourdes (in France), Madrid, Dublin and Rome on different events and World Youth day to Germany & Spain. It’s an amazing experience. Love every minute. If you have the chance to get involved...go for it!