Hello, my name is Patricia, I come from Fleetwood near Blackpool.
I have an amazing large family and I love them so much- Mum and Dad, I have 3 brothers, 2 sisters, baby Nephews Tommy and Archie. Mikey is a little bit older, he is loving life with friends at primary school now. I have a special little Angel in heaven- my wonderful Niece. All my family mean a lot to me and also extended family around the Diocese.
I went to Cardinal Allen High school and after school I went and studied child care at Blackpool Fylde College and British Sign Language. I enjoy spending time at the beach and in the mountains with family and friends. I have recently been to Mexico and swam with Dolphins with friends which was amazing!
I love all music, I love being creative drawing and painting. I came to Castlerigg Manor when I was younger on family holidays but also with school it has made a big impact in my life. It’s a great place! I really enjoy working here, and getting to know people, it has helped me grow in confidence and recognise who I am. Throughout my time here at Castlerigg Manor I have been to Lourdes (in France), Madrid, Dublin and Rome on different events and World Youth day to Germany Spain. It’s an amazing experience. Love every minute. If you have the chance to get involve...go for it!