Ways to pray

God always wants to hear from us  — no matter the time of day or where we are.

We can pray anywhere, whether it be on the bus to school, travelling to college, uni or work, or in our bedroom.

Saint Teresa of Avila, who was very knowledgeable of the scriptures, tells us to ‘pray as we can, not how we think we should.

There are many ways that we can pray, and it’s important to find out what kind of praying works for you.

Remember: we can talk to God as we would a friend, about all of our worries, fears, hopes and joys.


Daily Mass readings

The Bible is God’s written way of talking to us. Why not keep a Bible by your bed and try reading a bit each day? Remember that it’s not how much you read, but the person you discover through it. You might want to dip into it, or follow the Daily Mass readings, which you can read online or look up in your Bible.

Every Catholic church shares those same words each day — so you’ll be reading them alongside people all around the world!

Book of Psalms

You might like to check out the Book of Psalms in the Bible — a collection of songs or prayers that cover many subjects and reflect every human experience: depression, celebration, defeat, victory, despair and hope. Some give thanks to God, some express sadness, some praise God. In fact, you may already know a very famous one: ‘The Lord is my Shepherd’.

Written approximately 3000 years ago, the Psalms have been used throughout history to praise and worship God. Jesus himself would have known them well.

For something a little different, why not try a musical expression of the Psalms — for example, by band Sons of Korah.


Pray the Rosary

Mary is Jesus’ mother but she’s also our mother too, and she wants nothing more than to help us and lead us to her son. We can ask her to pray for us by praying the Hail Mary, or we can also pray the Rosary.

You may have made a set of Rosary beads whilst at Castlerigg, or bought a set from our shop. They are a way of journeying into the heart of our faith with Mary our Mother – our way of walking through the life of Jesus, with Mary.

Have a smartphone? Download a Rosary app for Android or iPhone and pray on the go!

Divine Mercy

This is a very simple prayer that is said using Rosary Beads.

It was shown to Saint Faustina in a vision, where God asked her to spread the message of his mercy throughout the world, in the form of the image and the chaplet of Divine Mercy.

It is a loving prayer, in which we pray for mercy — not only for ourselves, but for our brothers and sisters around the world, sharing in God’s desire to bestow mercy upon us all.

You can download a Divine Mercy app for Android or iPhone too!



Pray with the Saints

The saints in heaven are our friends, and they all rejoice when we take one step closer to God!

Treat the saints like your friends and ask them to pray for you. There’s a patron saint for almost every situation and for who we are.

Musical inspiration

Music can be a great way of helping us to pray and to get in the mood to pray.

Here are some of our own suggestions:

Contemporary Pop/Rock: Matt MaherShawn McDonald, Tim Hughes, Meredith AndrewsPhil WickhamChris TomlinCasting CrownsLifehouseJewel

Synthpop/Electronica: Owl City

Contemporary Piano/Instrumental: Ludovico Einaudi Operatic Pop: Josh Groban Traditional

Classical: The Priests


Prayer Requests

Facing a struggle in your life and feel like you need someone to pray for you? Bringing our prayers together before the Lord can be so powerful. 

Send us your prayer requests and the team will pray for your intentions each Monday.