WANTED — People to make a difference

Taking a gap year? Why not spend it at Castlerigg?


We think you’ll find the experience truly rewarding, with the chance to deepen your faith, meet new people and grow in confidence — not to mention free accommodation and food in beautiful surroundings!

In return, we’ll ask for your help in getting involved with activities for Castlerigg’s visitors and youth events.

We’re looking for applicants who:

  • are over 18 (by the time of starting) and show a high level of maturity

  • are willing to live, work and journey together, with other members of a dedicated team

  • have a genuine interest in working with young people, and helping them to grow in their faith

  • demonstrate the ability (or the potential) to be able to lead group activities and prayer times

  • are honest, reliable and willing to work hard

  • present themselves professionally and behave in an appropriate manner at all times

  • are of good health and able to undertake regular activities, such as fell-walking

 Interested? Get in touch for more details or to request an application form!

The most inspiring and uplifting 2 years of my life.
— Bridget, Castlerigg Volunteer