Let Castlerigg Manor come right to your classroom!

Our experienced team hosts interactive, faith and fun-filled days for primary and secondary schools.

Enjoy inspiring assembly and classroom activities involving story-telling, drama, music, games, craft and prayer, designed to help students understand aspects of faith in a way that is real and relevant to them.

Choose from our list of themed programs below. We visit church parishes too!

Our Programs

Life to the Full

This program enables young people to reflect upon what they want, what they are waiting for, and what is the heart’s deepest desire.

St Augustine, who searched ceaselessly for meaning and purpose, came to the conclusion that ‘our hearts are restless until they find rest in you, O Lord.’ This mission will also explore the dissatisfaction we experience when we place the things of this world before our relationship with God, and how discovering God can be the greatest adventure.

Light to the World

This mission explores the adventure of faith; what happens when we take the risk of entrusting our life to God; how God’s life transforms us so that we in turn can transform the world, and bring about His Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven.

The mission presents young people with the challenge to be saints.

Good News

This is a mission based upon John 3:16: “God loved the world so much that he gave us his own son so that we may not perish but may have eternal life.”

It explores the relevance of Jesus’ Hour – his passion and resurrection – to our life today and sheds hope and light on contemporary struggles and fears, revealing the difference faith makes to our life.

Who do you say I am?

This program explores questions of identity. In a world where it is ever easier to develop multiple identities through social media, this mission calls young people to a reality check, challenging them to be whole, and discovering happiness in who they are as a child of God.

You will receive power

This mission is particularly aimed at those who are preparing for or have received the sacrament of Confirmation. It explores the relationship between Confirmation and the powerful experience of Pentecost. Young people will be invited to explore the gifts of the Holy Spirit and how they equip us for daily life.

Bring a school or parish group to Castlerigg Manor, Keswick?

Day Visits

Escape the classroom for a day, to our 19th century Manor in spectacular grounds within the Lake District. Learn and be inspired by one of our workshops, as listed above, starting from £7 per pupil. Or simply enjoy the facilities and surroundings on a field trip. Contact us to arrange your visit.

Youth Retreats

Stay for longer on a weekend or week retreat. It’s an amazing experience your students won’t forget. Be sure to book early as we fill up fast!