Meaning and Purpose
for this generation

The aims of the youth ministry within the diocese are:

To help the young people of our schools, colleges and parishes to grow in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as his disciples in the Church.

To enable the full participation of young people in the life and mission of the local Church.

To encourage and nurture the growth of the whole person, with prayer and spirituality as the basis for all human development.

To provide attractive and safe environments in order to develop successful inter-personal relationships which will provide our young people with clear and engaging examples of discipleship, service, ministry and leadership.

Stepping out in Faith…

Faith & Life

How do others make sense of life and faith? It's a daily walking and a daily choice. You are never alone! Be encouraged by what others say.


Been on retreat and want to take the next step in faith? The challenge now is to live what you’ve learnt. To sing is to pray twice.

Saints for Us

Stories of the saints can inspire our own journey. Read some of the amazing things "ordinary" people have done for God and see the way they've changed the world.


There are so many ways to feed your faith, through books, links, stories and music. We have collected a few of our favourites for you.